Benefits the bottomline

The widespread use of collaboration and communication tools in various industries and industry verticals, including retail & e-commerce, healthcare, manufacturing, construction and education, among others, is anticipated to boost the market growth during the forecast period.

Virtual Events here to stay?

Virtual events have successfully proven during the pandemic. It no longer matters if COVID-19 finally ceases to be a concern. Right now, virtual is the norm and have become a valid alternative to in-person events.

Instant increase in engagement for the user

There is a great opportunity to capitalize on how easy it is to share content from the Oggi, especially when you can share your experience at your fingertips.

Real-time measuring tool for our content

We can track downloads, such as which device it was viewed from, or how much was time spent in an area, which 3D elements they interacted with. It depends on what data is needed.


Attending in-person, out-of-town conferences can be exciting for some, but they are inconvenient or too tiring for others. They are rather expensive, too. Virtual events are typically designed to be short, or at least shorter than in-person events.


You can attend virtual events wherever you are. You won’t need to spend all that money on hotel accommodation, airplane travel and other related expenses.

On demand

Can often be recorded and made available later for on-demand consumption.

Safe, easy to learn

Using familiar key functions and visual queues to optimize the user experience.

Your Oggi Experience

Oggi experience can look like anything on earth—or beyond. Want to have your meeting in the middle of the rain forest, or on the moon? Done.






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